Climb for Nepal Campaign Recap

The Tragedy in Nepal

In April and May, two massive earthquakes within the span of two weeks left the country of Nepal in ruins. The earthquakes devastated much of the country’s infrastructure – homes, schools, hospitals and jobs. Millions were left injured without access to medical supplies and food, lacking the means to rebuild their communities.

  • 7.8 magnitude earthquake impacted Nepal on April 25th
  • 7.3 magnitude earthquake impacted Nepal on May 12th
  • 8,617 people killed
  • 16,808 people injured
  • More than 1 million people in need of food assistance
  • 2.8 million people displaced
  • Over 473,000 houses destroyed

Athletes do MORE to support efforts on the ground

In June, MORE Than Sport partnered with Strava and to launch our #climbfornepal campaign. We challenged our global communities of cyclists and runners to ride, run and climb to raise awareness and financial aid for those affected by the earthquakes in Nepal.

With over 140,000 participants and a total of 823,756,539 meters climbed, we continue to receive stories of physical and mental devotion as our athletes took on the challenge in their own way. Just a few inspirational highlights:

Ray Brown completed 8 full Everests during the month of June to raise funds for shelter for displaced families in Nepal.

Frank Garcia became the first to complete a virtual Everest using Zwift. His company, Cycligent, matched 100% of the funds he raised.

Rich Kemp, Dave Edwards, and Jason English completed an Everest on 37lb RVCA city bikes. Riding Jolimont Street in Melbourne, this was labeled the most difficult Everest of all time.

Our athletes’ efforts provided relief for thousands

Thanks to participants from around the world, MTS was able to raise over $140,000 that went towards providing:

  • 49,700 medical treatments
  • 5 restored and fully operational school libraries
  • 23,940 people with clean water for life
  • 30,096 meals for those in need
  • 6 Months of shelter for 1,623 people

MORE than Sport’s efforts will help replace furniture and materials, and ensure a library is operational again at 5 schools. This is a huge help in ensuring that children in Nepal are able to get back in the classroom and have access to the tools and resources they need.

We will continue to update you as we hear stories of the Nepalese community rebuilding their country and restoring hope throughout their nation.