RedZone Email Campaign


Email 1 (NDA)

Subject Line:  RedZone NDA


Thank you for taking the time to understand how your team can manage wildfire risk better. We are committed to providing solutions and support along the way. 

We’ve attached our Non-Disclosure Agreement for your review — please sign and return by DATE. Once we receive your signed copy, we’ll send along our Trial Agreement, License Agreement, and Dashboard Questionnaire. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Email 2 (Trial Agreement, License Agreement, Questionnaire)

Subject Line: RedZone Agreements and Questionnaire


Thank you for returning your signed NDA — we’ve attached 3 documents for your review and submission:

  1. Trial Agreement:  The last page of the Trial Agreement ("Exhibit A”) includes spaces for you to define the data for our evaluation.

  2. License Agreement:  This includes our pricing schedule — we are currently scheduling new customer on-boarding beginning DATE. 

  3. Dashboard Questionnaire:  This contains 5 questions that will determine the specifics of our proposal.

Please complete and return these to us by DATE. After that, we’ll evaluate your data and send a formal proposal within TIMEFRAME. 

Thank you!


Email 3 (Proposal)

Subject Line:  Your PRODUCT Proposal



Attached, you’ll find your completed PRODUCT proposal for your review. We’ve priced the number of users at NUMBER, and the monthly price for up to NUMBER users is PRICE. We can bring YOUR COMPANY on board as early as DATE.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Email 4 (Deal Closed)

Subject Line: RedZone Onboarding and Next Steps



Thank you for choosing to partner with RedZone! We look forward to helping your team  _____________ (customize based on product - like for RZ Alert it could say “stay on top of events during wildfire season” or for Agent Alert Dashboard it could say “provide superior customer service when natural disasters unfold”). 

I’ve included a calendar link for a meeting to discuss onboarding and next steps. Please pass this along to any other teammates that you’d like to join. 

As always, reach out if you need anything!